Contemplations of a Lost Woman

Now that exhaustion and weariness  crept into her shivering body, she was pleading for the dawn to break. Twilight was her final hope to end up that kind of restlessness oscillating   between a yierning heart and a  retaining mind.
In heavy steps, she moved back to her bedroom and crawled under her fluffy blanket in a desperate attempt to let warmth creep into her chilling body. Before she could slumber, she was still aware of the presence of her  husband sleeping on the other side of the bed, too close ,yet, too distant to perceive what was going on with his “lovely” lady.
Time had elapsed, but feelings were still the same. They were growing stronger, they became as intense as the darkness of a moonless winter night, and as mature and sweet as a ripe, juicy mid-summer Mediterranean peach.

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